Shipping Whitaker Wind Sculptures for the Holidays

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Give the Gift of Art that Moves this Holiday Season with Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures

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Whitaker Wind Sculpture Installs in CA and TX

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Captivating Whitaker Wind Sculptures: Elevating Your Yard and Garden

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Sculpting Inner Peace: The Therapeutic Significance of Wind Sculptures

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Whitaker Wind Sculptures at the Dallas Arboretum

Whitaker Wind Sculptures at the Dallas Arboretum These are just a few of the 140 Wind Sculptures we installed for this magnificent exhibit. Tranquil Loti in water. Twister Oval, Double … Read More »

Lyman Whitaker Adds XL Nebula to Wind Sculpture Designs

Lyman Whitaker Adds XL Nebula to Sculpture Designs

Lyman Whitaker Adds XL Nebula to Sculpture Designs This past year the Leopold Gallery and Lyman Whitaker partnered up to bring a captivating display of Wind Sculptures to the Dallas … Read More »