Shipping Whitaker Wind Sculptures for the Holidays

Agave XL, Private Collection, Dallas For those of you who intend to ship Wind Sculptures as a gift, there’s still time. No matter what part of the country you live … Read More »

Whitaker Wind Sculpture Installs in CA and TX

Art has the incredible power to transform spaces, invoke emotions, and capture the essence of nature’s beauty. In an awe-inspiring blend of creativity and engineering, Leopold Gallery + Art Consulting … Read More »

Captivating Whitaker Wind Sculptures: Elevating Your Yard and Garden

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space with exquisite artistry and mesmerizing movement, Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures are a top choice. These elegant creations, often referred to as wind … Read More »

Sculpting Inner Peace: The Therapeutic Significance of Wind Sculptures

  In today’s hectic world, finding moments of inner peace and relaxation has become increasingly vital. With the pressures of modern life, the value of spaces that foster healing and … Read More »

Enhancing Public Spaces with Whitaker Wind Sculptures

Public spaces serve as essential gathering points for communities, providing a shared environment where people can come together, relax, and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. One captivating way to … Read More »

Wind Sculptures at the Dallas Arboretum

Whitaker Wind Sculptures at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Whitaker Wind Sculptures at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a massive and lush oasis in Texas, featuring an impressive collection of plants … Read More »

Installing Wind Sculptures

Installing Wind Sculptures, and Surfing, in CA

Paul visited several California clients in October, including this cool place near LA. In fact he installed this Whitaker Wind Sculpture while there: Double Helix Vertical XL. The client added … Read More »

Whitakers in CA

Whitakers in CA Two Nebula Larges (6’9” x 2’2”) in copper at a home in Modesto. Lyman’s sculptures really bring yards and outdoor living spaces to life, don’t they? Even … Read More »

Whitaker Install in Seattle

Whitaker Install in Seattle

Whitaker Install in Seattle We thought you’d appreciate this shot of one of our Whitaker installations, this one on Lake Washington in Seattle. Paul flew up to check on it … Read More »

Napa Valley Install

Napa Valley Install

Napa Valley Install Twister Oval and Double Spinner Extra Huge, by Lyman Whitaker. Lake Berryessa in the distance. Some view! Thanks so much RoseAnn. One of us will drop by … Read More »