About Lyman Whitaker

LYMAN WHITAKER is the original creator of Wind Sculptures. His designs include the Tulip, Double Helix, and Agave. Lyman’s copper wind spinners last for generations, requiring little maintenance. We’ve installed exhibitions at the Morris Arboretum of Philadelphia, the Naples Art Center, the Dallas Arboretum, and in 2020 we’ll be at Boston Harbor.

We’ve placed Lyman’s Wind Sculptures with private collectors all worldwide, as well as the Star Wars Resort at Disney World, the Hill-Stead Museum of French Impressionism in CT, and the City of Fremont, CA—near the Tesla factory. Some poorly made imitations try to copy Lyman’s designs, but they do not have a warranty, are not well-engineered, and frequently don’t work.

Please view the photos and videos, then contact us: info@leopoldgallery.com / 816.333.3111. Or you can simply buy online.  Acquiring a work from us means you’ll be getting one of the best-engineered kinetic works in the world.

Should you decide to acquire from us, we’d be honored to have you as a client, and promise you’ll be fascinated with your Whitaker. Whirligig, copper wind sculptures, garden spinners, wind spinners, metal yard spinners, metal wind sculptures, kinetic sculptures, metal wind spinners, wind spinners for gardens, wind sculptures, metal yard spinners.


Lyman Whitaker Biography

With 32 years as a professional sculptor, Lyman has a vast knowledge of metals and design. This, coupled with his love of nature, is the foundation for his unique Wind Sculptures.

Lyman’s sculptures embrace an organic theme. He strives to invoke a soothing yet mesmerizing impression with each sculpture. His lifelong ambition is to inspire a stronger bond between mankind and mother earth through his work.

Lyman is world-renowned as a pioneer in kinetic art. Collectors include Sea World, the Dallas Arboretum, Disney World, and private collectors throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.