Whitaker Wind Sculptures for Holiday Gifts

For those who intend to ship Wind Sculptures as a gift, there’s still time. No matter what part of the country you live in we’ll make it easy, but it’s best if you act soon. Here’s a link to all the sculptures.

Please drop us a line if you’ve any questions. We’ll take care of everything. 816.333.3111 / info@leopoldgallery.com

If you live locally no worries; we have plenty of spectacular works in inventory.

We’ve shipped Whitaker Wind Sculptures to clients in Italy, France, Germany, Australia, England, Japan, Singapore, and all 50 states in the U.S. Some clients have chosen one piece, like the Desert Flame, while others have put together groupings composed of the Double Spinner, The Double Helix Horizontal, and the Double Helix Vertical. One client in California has even purchased 100 sculptures, including Twister Oval Huges, Double Helix Huges, Star Dancer Huges, and a variety of Tulips. He is one happy dude and we love working with him.

Lyman Whitaker’s studio is near Zion National Park in Utah. His sculptures are represented in private and public collections from California to Kuwait.

Sizes range from 6′ to 28′ in height. They are created from a variety of metals including copper, steel and stainless steel, and each work spins on sealed ball bearings that require no lubrication and last at least 15 years each. Very easy to replace.

All of Whitaker’s diverse kinetic sculptures are comprised of intricate and gracefully moving metals–copper or stainless steel–that are easily propelled with even a modest breeze, spinning and twirling in imaginative syncopation when they are in groups. Lyman Whitaker is indeed an exceptional sculptor. His works are hand-crafted for balance, durability, and high winds. Each sculpture lasts for decades. Very little maintenance involved. Please be sure to check out the stainless steel designs as well as the designs in copper.