Exploring Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculpture Designs

The enduring inspiration of nature on artistic expression finds a remarkable embodiment in Lyman Whitaker wind sculptures. Leopold Gallery invites you to witness the exquisite fusion of art and the elements through the intricate designs of Whitaker’s sculptures. Join us in exploring Lyman Whitaker’s wind sculpture designs that adorn outdoor spaces, celebrating the beauty of movement and the power of the wind.



The Double Helix Horizontal wind sculpture beckons with its sheer elegance and dynamic presence. Its dual helical form gracefully captures the essence of movement, evoking a sense of continuous flow and harmony. The intertwining spirals create a captivating visual spectacle, as the sculpture sways and spins with effortless grace. Whitaker’s masterful craftsmanship immortalizes the essence of motion within this captivating design.



Enter a world of enchantment and delight with the Double Spinner wind sculpture. Featuring two independently rotating elements, this design exudes a playful and dynamic character. As the wind breathes life into the sculpture, the spinning discs glide through the air, casting ethereal patterns of light and shadow. The Double Spinner invites viewers to embrace a sense of childlike wonder and revel in the ever-changing beauty of the winds.

Dallas-Arboretum-Desert FLame


Prepare to be captivated by the vibrant hues and captivating presence of the Desert Flame wind sculpture. Drawing inspiration from resplendent desert blooms, this design bursts forth with fiery colors, radiating warmth and vitality. The intricate metalwork beautifully mimics the delicate petals of desert flowers, infusing outdoor spaces with nature’s enchanting magic. The Desert Flame wind sculpture serves as an exquisite centerpiece, emanating timeless elegance and vivid splendor.



Step into a realm of captivating wonder with the spellbinding Twister Oval wind sculpture. Interlocking oval shapes gracefully twist and turn, orchestrating a captivating dance in the wind. The mesmerizing motion of the twirling ovals conjures visions of a fantastical journey through time and space. The Twister Oval wind sculpture sparks the imagination, adding a touch of charm to gardens and outdoor settings, inviting viewers to embrace the unseen beauty that surrounds us.

Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures compose a symphony of shapes that captivate the senses and invite us to celebrate the beauty of the natural world. From the graceful and dynamic Double Helix Horizontal to the playful and enchanting Double Spinner, and from the vibrant Desert Flame to the captivating Twister Oval, each design showcases Whitaker’s exceptional artistry and his ability to seamlessly blend art with the ever-changing winds. At Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, we proudly offer these exquisite wind sculptures, enabling you to transform your outdoor space into a living gallery of artistic elegance. Explore the collection today and allow the symphony of shapes to transport you to a world where nature and art harmoniously intertwine. 816.333.3111 / info@leopoldgallery.com