Enhance Your Yard with a Work of Art This Spring



Enhance your yard with a work of art this spring. As the season approaches, Leopold Gallery offers an opportunity to enhance your outdoor spaces with Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures. These kinetic sculptures, known for their craftsmanship, bring both visual appeal and a serene ambiance to yards and gardens.




The subtle movements of the copper and stainless-steel components respond to the breeze, creating a captivating visual display without any accompanying noise. This adds a calming effect, making your outdoor space a tranquil retreat.


Bean Pole Sun


As the weather improves and daylight extends, people naturally gravitate towards spending more time outside. Introducing wind sculptures into your garden provides a focal point that seamlessly blends with nature. These sculptures become functional art, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your outdoor environment.




Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures come in various designs and sizes to suit different tastes and garden layouts. Whether you prefer the sleek lines of the Double Spinner, the organic shapes of the Willow, or the geometric elegance of the Desert Flame, there’s a sculpture for every preference.

Beyond their visual appeal, these sculptures are low-maintenance and built to withstand different weather conditions. This makes them a durable and sustainable addition to your outdoor space, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.


Stainless Shamrock


Consider welcoming spring with Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures from Leopold Gallery. Elevate your hard with a work of art this spring, adding an artistic and tranquil touch to your outdoor haven. With their captivating movements and noise-free presence, these sculptures provide a unique way to revitalize your outdoor space as the season unfolds. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out: info@leopoldgallery.com / 816.333.3111