About Lyman Whitaker

Lyman Whitaker, a sculptor since 1971, has emerged as a luminary in kinetic art, akin to Alexander Calder in his era. Collectors include Disney World, Apple TV+, the Dallas Arboretum, the Morris Arboretum of Philadelphia, the City of Boston, and private collectors in the US, Europe and Asia.

Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures embody his mission: fostering harmony between humanity and the Earth. Crafted meticulously from durable copper and stainless steel, each piece is designed to endure for generations, resilient against winds up to 90 MPH. Beyond their structural integrity, Whitaker’s creations evoke serenity and fascination, offering easy installation and minimal maintenance.

Recent exhibitions, such as the one at Dawes Arboretum in Columbus, OH, attest to the enduring appeal of Whitaker’s work. Since 2008, Leopold Gallery has proudly represented Whitaker’s Wind Spinners, showcasing them in botanical gardens and museums globally. Each sculpture, handcrafted in Whitaker’s innovative studio, marries aesthetic brilliance with mechanical integrity, rejecting planned obsolescence for enduring creations.