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“We put a Twister Oval Sub-Huge at the entrance to our vineyard, and everyone loves it. Leopold handled everything expertly, and Paul even sent us a bottle of Pinot.”    Chuck and Beth Vessey, Santa Rosa, CA

“We were interested in the Double Dancer, but weren’t sure what size was best for our yard. So we called and this very friendly woman answered, advised us on every aspect, then shipped. It’s perfect!”    Jon Schmidt, St. Helena, CA

“We bought a Double Spinner and Beanpole online, received a receipt and follow-up right away, and everything arrived on time. These people are fantastic. Paul even sent us a bottle of Sonoma Syrah.”    Anne Henderson, Minneapolis, MN


Moses and I give you our personal guarantee that your private information will not be shared in any manner whatsoever. Sincerely,

Paul Dorrell
President / Art Consultant            

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Lyman Whitaker Bio

With 33 years as a professional sculptor, Lyman has a vast knowledge of metals, design, and how kinetic works respond to the wind. This, and his love of nature, is the foundation for his unique Wind Sculptures.

Lyman’s sculptures embrace an organic theme, and are soothing to watch whether you are indoors, or outside in your yard. He strives to invoke a  mesmerizing impression with each sculpture. Lyman’s goal is to help inspire a stronger bond between mankind and mother earth through his work.

Lyman is world-renowned as a pioneer in kinetic art. Collectors include Philadelphia’s Morris Arboretum, the Dallas Arboretum, Disney World, and private collectors throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.