Installing Wind Sculptures, and Surfing, in CA

Paul visited several California clients in October, including this cool place near LA. In fact he installed this Whitaker Wind Sculpture while there: Double Helix Vertical XL. The client added that to two others they already own. Assisting is Twyla, a Vizsla rescue and quite sweet. He spoiled her amply. Thanks again, Terry and Kenney. Paul very much enjoyed meeting you at last.

Installing Wind Sculptures

All the Leopold staff love to travel so we make a point of visiting clients when we do, whether on the East Coast, the West Coast, or any state where we have clients—and we have them in all 50. Europe and Asia as well. It’s always good to connect in person. So much better than email and phone.

After concluding biz in LA Paul wandered up the coast through Big Sur and San Francisco, where he visited other clients. Then he moved on to Bolinas for a day of surfing, or what he calls Falling. “I paddle out, catch a wave, fall. Repeatedly. But by day’s end if I ride three of them in, that’s a good day. Maybe someday I’ll have time to improve.”

Installing Wind Sculptures

After Marin County he went on to Sonoma to visit St. Francis Winery and touch up their sculptures. They’ve been a great client for years. Besides, we love their wine.

This month Paul visited clients in Maryland, DC and Virginia, but that’s a different story.